So I installed and started using Grammarly a few days ago. So far I’m loving it and the only thing missing is support for Swedish. I even get a weekly update on my writing statistics, which I wasn’t expecting. I’m 78% more productive than other users with 2,254 words checked and also 26% more accurate with just 58 alerts shown. I use 75% more unique words and those 564 aren’t uncommon or especially hard to understand, just something that shows I’m fairly good in English.
My top three mistakes are:
  1. Missing comma in a compound sentence (23 alerts, close to half of the 58 total)
  2. Incorrect adverb placement (12 alerts)
  3. Faulty parallelism (9 alerts)
The missing commas were expected and had I used other punctuation marks, such as semicolon (which I avoid), my alerts would have climbed up a bit.
The incorrect adverb placement I had to google and read a bit more about since my grammar terms aren’t the best. I stumbled upon a blog post which explains adverbs in Grammarly very well and I agree with the rewriting sentences instead of blindly following the suggestion.
The faulty parallelism I do not understand and those (and probably a lot of the adverb alerts) may be from a page of forum posts that I ran through the standalone application.
I am tempted to upgrade to Premium but at $29.95 / month (if billed monthly) it’s expensive unless I’m going to be writing a lot in English that really needs to be at a professional level. Of course, billed annually the monthly cost drops to less than $12 which isn’t bad at all. I will be reading through some other blog posts with the tag grammarly and scour the Intertubes to see if it looks like it’s worth it and may spring for an annual plan in the future.