Image from Bad Therapy

I just enrolled in the ZEN: For Personal Development – Zen Teachings course at Udemy. Getting it for free via Freebies Global was great for checking out Udemy.

I got the idea of expanding my knowledge in the area of personal development in general after failing to explain what mindfulness actually is to a profoundly religious co-worker. She did know the serenity prayer by heart but had a warped conception of what mindfulness means. Well, the term is actually tricky since it’s not precisely defined or the definitions and scope vary.

The role of therapist, (life) coach, priest, confidante and all related are very close to heart for me since I view coaching as close to a personal calling and I’m a good listener.

I’ve recently ”enrolled” to the 5-hour free training on Robbins-Madanes Training. Reading through the Core 100 Training page and the other certificate programs make me wonder if I should get a gold membership. It is a bit expensive at $3500 USD unless it’s something you will learn something from that will be useful. I think I’ll go through the remaining free training videos and try my wings first.