My computer has the bad habit of displaying a frowny-face instead of Windows Hello greeting me. I finally got tired of seeing it every now and then.

I did some googling and landed on a good page named What’s Bad Pool Header, and How to Fix it?. In addition to explaining the cause somewhat, there’s an excellent piece of software named Driver Easy to be downloaded that makes installing drivers a lot simpler than manually tracking down and downloading all drivers from different manufacturers.

There are a couple of drivers to update.

Some of the drivers known to have problems were close to two years out of date. And there’s been close to 500 builds judging from the driver version. If that means more or less in terms of bug-fixes would be interesting to find out.

Oops. I thought I had a updated to a fairly recent driver.

I decided to update all drivers in one fell swoop. Usually I don’t creating a system restore point, but this time there are so many drivers and several of them are for system critical hardware so I chickened out.

Manually upgrading each driver takes ages and the download speed is very slow, but I’ve had this problem close to a year so I’m not in a hurry. Upgrading to the PRO version of Driver Easy isn’t that expensive at $29.95 USD each year considering all you get.

Everything went well during the installs of those 15 drivers. Well see if the BSOD reoccurs. I think it is somewhere during boot, resume or shutdown it occurs but since my computer is running 24/7 it’s a bit harder to pinpoint since I’ve not been near the computer when it happens. Could be automatic restart due to windows updates too.

This may have solved another annoyance too. Resuming from power-save hasn’t always worked. Sure, the computer sounds like it’s power up and working, but it gets stuck somewhere before displaying the desktop.

What’s interesting is that my frame-rate in X4: Foundations has increased a lot. I’ll check the Public Beta feedback forum to see if there are any mentions about performance improvements.

There is a page about BAD_POOL_HEADER on Microsoft’s Hardware Dev Center, but I’m not going to go further with kernel debugging unless the BSOD persists and becomes unbearable.

However, it does mention Driver Verifier and Windows Memory Diagnostics. Checking the memory is probably the first step although I am planning on upgrading to faster DDR4.